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Do you want your property to appeal to a wider range of buyers?
Are you too busy to turn your house into a display home?
Home Staging will present your home so it’s ready to sell!

What is Home Staging?Home Staging is a popular concept used for selling homes by arranging the property for maximum visual affect to appeal to a range of buyers. A first impression is everything. A buyer will form an opinion of their interest in your property in the first few seconds. Home Staging is not about improving the home for the current owners, it’s about appealing to the buyers walking in the door.

Have you noticed how brand new homes sell quickly in any type of market? Homes that have that “lived-in” look can take longer to sell as buyers struggle to look past things that need to be improved, repaired or find it difficult to visualize themselves living in the property because of personal clutter, cramped spaces and unimpressive presentation.

The aim of Home Staging is to present your home in “showroom” condition by de-cluttering, re-organising and re-designing spaces.

I can offer a specialist service which will help create the right scene for your home whilst on the market.

In 2016, 87% of home buyers began their search on the internet, and it’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Which Home Would you Buy?


Because you have decided to sell your home, your ultimate goal is to attract every potential buyer who walks through your door. Naturally a home over time suffers from “wear and tear”. If you want to claim the maximum sale price for your home it needs to be presented clean, clutter free and look like a display home. This need is not to improve the home for the current owner, but to make it appealing to those buyers on the way into the home.

The processes involved in “staging” a home for sale are relatively simple. Only a few steps need to be taken involving a minimum, monetary cost.

What steps and services are involved in Home Staging?


A consultation and viewing of the property will be required. The consultation will focus on what is needed to enhance first impressions for the buyer. My aim is to look for things that will detract from a potential sale. This generally will include areas of clutter, cleanliness, tired soft furnishings and color schemes.

A consultation will take between 1 to 2 hours to complete, depending on the area. This includes a thorough walk through of the property taking note of every room and looking for anything that will detract from the sale of the property.

Then the choice is yours. You can either work on your own with the advice given to you by a professional home stager to enhance your property for you by turning it into a display home. After the consultation, you are not obliged to continue on with the service if you feel you can do all the things suggested yourself.

DE-CLUTTERING – Because you want potential buyers to notice your house not your belongings, this is a perfect time to start boxing your collection of treasures around the house. This will help you get ready and give you a head start towards your impending move.

REARRANGING FURNITURE or ROOM EDITING – Sometimes by just moving a few pieces of furniture around a room, or from another room, can open up spaces and bring a whole new look to the home. Often rooms can get overcrowded with things you don’t need. If a room feels spacious and not crammed full of too much furniture, it can be a very appealing selling point.

CLEANING – There is nothing more appealing than a clean and spotless house. If time is precious and you can’t find enough hours in the day to present your house properly, a home stager can organize a house cleaning service to help you out. If carpets or windows need cleaning or if the house needs a wash, a professional stager can organize that as well.

ORGANISING – If you don’t think a buyer is going to look into your wardrobes, pantry or oven – think again. If you haven’t had time to straighten up shoes, clothes, towels and pantry items, a home stager will work with you and advise on how and where to put things to achieve an organized cupboard.

CURB APPEAL – If any landscaping services are required, a professional stager cam organize a garden service for you if you don’t already have one.


*Note: REPAIRS – Any small repair work should be done before you put your house on the market. If things don’t work properly (e.g. dropped gates, wardrobe doors) or need replacing, a buyer will feel instantly bothered and focused on what’s wrong with the property instead of what’s right.

Who Should Consider Using Home Staging?People who are considering or planning to put their property on the market.

People whose property is on the market and hasn’t sold. Before lowering your price, consider staging your home and see what happens.

Real Estate Agents whose time is better spent finding buyers for clients than dealing with properties that would sell easier and faster if they were clean, neat, spacious and clutter free. Home staging can also be an “added value service” offered to clients as part of the agency’s marketing strategy.

Investors who are considering selling a property that is rented. As it is hard to get a tenant to be concerned about whether you sell or not, a professional stager will get your property ready for inspection.

People who have moved to a new property and need help in working out where the furniture, paintings and ornaments look best.

People who need a professional organizer to help re-organize and tidy up wardrobes, place crockery and glassware neatly in cupboards and organize the pantry.


Carol Murphy

Carol Murphy